Losing Weight with Calorie Counting

A lot of people think there is some magical formula that is going to help them lose weight. They assume that if they are following some specific diet or formula, they are going to shed pounds like it is nobody’s business! The unfortunate reality is that weight loss does not work this way.

You may hear a lot from celebrities and experts about how you are going to lose more weight with a specific diet. But the truth is that only one thing matters when it comes to weight loss: calories.

Yes, you can use specific diets and styles of dieting to help you on your journey. These diets and styles can help you control how you eat, while they can help with the quality of food you are getting. For instance, the keto diet food list is very comprehensive and has some great items on it. And it eliminates a lot of the carbs that are bad for you.

But going on a keto diet does not mean you will lose weight for sure. If you eat 4000 calories of keto-acceptable foods, you will gain weight! That is how it goes.

Learn to Count Calories

It sounds tedious and it is not fun. But if you can learn how to count calories, you will be in much better shape. We believe that it is a good idea for you to start keeping a log of the foods that you are eating. Getting a kitchen scale will also help you as you will get accurate measurements.

If you like to cook, we would suggest jotting down all the items that you add to your meal. And if you quickly weigh each item before you throw it onto your plate or a pan, then you will be even more accurate with your calorie estimates.

You can easily find the calorie count for a specific weight of an item online. Then you can add up those calories for all your meals to see how many calories you are consuming in a day.

We believe that you would be surprised when you see your figures. You would see that you are actually eating more calories than you had imagined. And this is the reason why so many people do not see weight loss progress. They assume that they are doing such a good job, but the reality is a bit different. The reality is they are not cutting calories sufficiently enough.

Stick to a Calorie Limit

Depending on your age, height, weight and how much you exercise, you can decide on how many calories you will eat each day. It can be anywhere from 1500 calories to 2000 calories a day, depending on those factors. Then you must ensure you are remaining within that calorie limit each day!