About Us

It is so difficult to make a change in the way that you have been living your life. If it were easy, everyone would do it! That is what we say about weight loss too. It is not easy. If you are 20, 30 or 40 pounds over your ideal weight, it will not be simple for you to achieve the weight loss that you desire.

We are not saying that to appear negative. It is because we prefer to come at our readers from a realistic perspective. We went through the same struggles that you are experiencing right now. We had those moments where we did not know whether our weight loss goals would ever come to fruition.

But they did. And it was an incredible feeling. That is why we decided to create a website that is dedicated to giving you advice about weight loss and fitness. We want you to learn all of our secrets. And we want you to know about how we used techniques such as intermittent fasting to our benefit.

It does not matter if you have simple or complex questions on these topics. Say you are curious about what can you drink during intermittent fasting. You will find the answer in one of our guides. Or maybe you are curious about how you can pair tea with this diet. You can learn about why you should drink more tea for health benefits.

We always strive to be near the cutting edge when it comes to information about the latest dieting standards. It is important for our readers to get the latest information. It is why we always have fresh perspectives in the most recent issues of our magazine. We even welcome guest pieces from freelance writers and our readers! If you have something to share with us, send us an email through the site.