How to Overcome Carb Cravings in a Keto Diet

You have decided to transition to a keto diet in the coming weeks. It is a brave decision, but one that may help you immensely with your weight loss and fitness journey. A keto diet is not just a way to lose a lot of weight, but a lifestyle. It can help you emerge as a healthier, leaner and fitter person for many years. But there are challenges along the way.

Giving Up Carbs

The biggest challenge associated with the diet is giving up carbs. Even though you may look at the keto diet food list and get excited by the options, you will soon begin to miss carbs. You may think that a meal of steak, cheese and vegetables sounds amazing, but you will want some bread, pasta or rice before the day is over.

Why does this happen? Why does our body crave carbs? Because we have gotten used to eating them for so many years. The reason you get cravings is because your body wants that quick and simple sugar that it was getting through carbs. The only way that you can overcome these cravings is by resisting – and using a few other tricks.

Resisting Carb Cravings

The biggest mistake that a lot of people make with the keto diet is trying too much too soon. You may have heard about intermittent fasting benefits. Now you are thinking that you will start intermittent fasting too. But you are trying too much too quickly. It is best to stick with a keto diet for a month or two. Then you can add intermittent fasting into the picture, if you feel it is necessary to help you lose more weight.

In fact, it is a good idea to snack regularly while you are starting out with the keto diet. Look at the list of keto diet foods and figure out what items would make satisfying snacks. Try to choose foods you enjoy eating. If your diet is full of meals you dislike eating, you will give in soon enough and start eating carbs again.

But if you are snacking on delicious items that you enjoy eating, it will be a lot easier for you to push through and avoid those cravings. Say you are having intense carb cravings as you are about to go to bed. Instead of having a cookie or a few slices of bread, you could go ahead and have some greek yogurt. You could even add chia seeds and hemp seeds to give yourself added nutrients and a feeling of fullness.

Go Easy on Yourself

Everyone has the occasional slip up. If you have a day where you ended up eating a slice of pizza or some pasta, do not beat yourself up. It happens. We will all slip up. The key is not to fill yourself with regret about the slipup. The best thing that you can do is to move on.

Learn why it happened. Were you eating too less that day? Did you not snack enough? Do you need to add more satisfying snacks to your diet? Understand what caused you to slip up and you will ensure that it does not happen in the future.

Do not worry. When a few months pass, you will be over these carb cravings. Six months from now, you will hate the idea of having simple carbs!